Upcoming project

"Kvil" (Rest): sketch for Land Art Rebild

Land Art Rebild


Participating in the international project in Rebild, Denmark. Read more about the project here.

The project is initiated by MNKK and Lise Seier Petersen, and started in 2014. The project will continue until 2016.

Project history:

27-31th March 2014: Seminar and pecha kucha in Rebild.

6th september 2014: Exhibition at Thingbæk Kalkminer, showing sketches and models from the participating artists.

2015-2016: Realization of land art projects.

MAIDANS dansefestival Lørenskog 2014

Participating at MAIDANS as visual artist at dance festival in Lørenskog, Norway. Outdoor exhibition in Lørenskog park 31.5.2014 - 1.6.2014. More information here.

Opening 31th of May at 2 pm

Kieler Frieden - 1814/2014 - Peace

Participating in the international exhibition in Flandernbunker, Kiel, Germany.

"Come Together": C-print
Official opening on the 4th of May 2014

More information about the project by BBK here and the exhibition space Flandernbunker here, and a blog on the project here.

Home sweet home

Home sweet home
Sugarcubes, LED-light and neonlight.
Detail from the installation at the exhibition "Homeward bound" in Galleri BOA, Oslo 2010.

About Home sweet home
This artproject has been going on for some years, developing from an idea with sugarcubes and shadow, developing into several installations. At first it was only a photo until I came up with a way to protect the sugarcubes during transportation and at an exhibition. The project was first exhibited in the public show at Carl Berner T-banestasjon (metrostation in Oslo), and after several exhibitions it found its place in my first solo show Homeward bound in Oslo 2010, as an installation on a wall with the neonlight with the title Home sweet home.


12.september - 24.october at Skulpturarena Öst/Carl Berner T-banestasjon, Oslo 2008

19.november - 24.november at B-open/Østre Skostredet, Bergen 2008

Umjetnik kao ambasador - Artists as ambassadors
15.july - 15.august at The National Museum of Bosnia & Hercegovina, Sarajevo 2009

Homeward bound
january - january at Galleri BOA, Oslo 2010

Street view from Home sweet home in Østre Skolstredet at the art festival B-open in Bergen 2008.

Inside view from Home sweet home in Østre Skolstredet at the art festival B-open in Bergen 2008.

Home sweet home at Carl Berner T-banestasjon (metro station) in Oslo, 2009.

Exhibition view of Home sweet home and Painting my portrait (videoinstallation)  at "Artists as ambassadors" in The National Museum of Bosnia & Hercegovina, Sarajevo 2009.

View from the solo show Homeward bound at Galleri BOA in Oslo 2010

Painting my portrait

Painting my portrait 1999/2009
Video installation 24 minutes loop
Still frame

About Painting my portrait 1999/2009

This video has a ten year old history. It was originaly made with the title Painting my portrait refering to the painting of selfportraits, as an analog video (S-VHS)  with a duration of 4 minutes and soundtrack from Tricky. It was a video performance where I painted my portrait by putting on my daily make up. The painting was therfore replaced by make up, and the self was replaced with a retouched version of the self. In this context, the video work was dealing with questions of identity and feminism.
In the early 2000 I digitized the video and transfered it to a DV-tape. During years of storage, the original S-VHS tape has been destroyed and the DV-tape has got digital noise making it impossible to play normal. When I was asked to participate in the project Artists as ambassadors in 2009, I immediately came to think about this videowork, and discovered the damages. Since the project was situated in Sarajevo, the heart of Bosnia & Hercegovina and also recently center for the Bosnian war (the siege of Sarajevo), the art project was thematically dealing with the home. What meaning of the word home does the individual artists in the project have?
In addition to the installation Home sweet home, I edited the damaged video, making a new portrait of my self ten years later. Now the tape has got marks, distortions and digital noise. And I as a person am ten years older. I therefore edited the tape by slowing it down, making every distortion visible and turning my face into a collage of digital pixles from my ten year younger picture. The soundtrack from Tricky was replaced with a soundtrack from Svarte greiner.


Umjetnik kao ambasador - Artists as ambassadors
15.july - 15.august at the National Museum of Bosnia & Hercegovina, Sarajevo 2009.

Homeward bound
january - january at Galleri BOA, Oslo 2010.

Installation view of Painting my portrait 1999/2009 at the National Museum of Bosnia & Hercegovina, Sarajevo 2009.


 3 C-print on aluminium 80x60cm

 Exhibitions of the work:

Hordaland kunstsenter 08.08.-10.08.2008
Radøy Kunstsenter 15.08.-15.09.2008

Numeral constructions I-III (Monument for P.Tillberg)

Numeral constructions I site-specific installation Bjørgvin Prison 2007
mixed media (light, wood) 70m2

Numeral constructions II site-specific installation Bjørgvin Prison 2007

mixed media (ligth) 40m2

Numeral constructions III site-specific video installation Bjørgvin Prison 2007
mixed media (videoprojection, wooden construction, fibre canvas) 100m2

Exhibition of work:

Bjørgvin Fengsel 27.10.-11.11.2007
Reviewed by Tommy Olsson in Billedkunst 07/2007